BGC - Architecture and Engineering was founded in 2002 with the mission to assess, define and manage investments in technical infrastructure provided by our customers.
BGC's activities fall into four areas-housing, facilities, services and promotions, and cover the fields of engineering, architecture, town planning, security and control of work and the design of interior.
BGC - Architecture and Engineering has a team of highly qualified and experienced based in Barcelona. It also has partner offices in Madrid, Zaragoza, León and Murcia. The scope covers, so all Spain, but focuses especially in Catalonia.
Our main objective is to obtain the maximum possible satisfaction of our customers, based on technical quality, speed of response and specialization that we offer. Within the market, our focus on differentiating elements parameters such as proximity to customers, management and overall flexibility.
BGC offers a full service architecture and engineering, focusing always get the full satisfaction of the client. In this way, bet the concept of "Integrated Project Management" by adopting the methodology. Thus, the aim is to direct and coordinate human resources and materials involved in the project throughout its life cycle in order to achieve predetermined objectives of cost, time, quality and customer satisfaction.
For each project, and to ensure the achievement of objectives, BGC will assign a Project Manager. This is responsible for integrating and coordinating all the efforts involved functional, either the company or external, to ensure appropriate implementation of the project.